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Every parent who has a school going kid will at least one time in their entire school life would have thought and worried about the weight of the school bag. After the academic year, the text books are either passed on to the younger kid in the house or sometimes donated and very rarely kept for future reference depending on the space they occupy.
We see a number of digital solutions being offered to schools. The digital classes, the online materials etc. offer a very good insight into the subject students are learning. But many such solutions are limited to the school premises. On a visit to some schools, it’s been noticed that the quality of the infrastructure they offer to present the digital classes is very poor and it’s impact is almost nil.
Some students possess very quick grasping power and some students might be slow and require repeated lessons. Then there should be a solution for them to play their digital classes whenever they wish and should be handy to carry.

This shaped up into an idea of creating a website with audio and video sources of the lessons to power up the imagination of the enthusiastic minds and then turned into an ebook format which can be accessed from anywhere on their personal device online/offline.

Exciting! It solved three problems
1) Reduced weight of school bags
2) Premium content accessibility anywhere
3) Reduced usage of paper

EPUB 3.1 specifications released by IDPF (International Digital Publishing Forum) are perfectly suitable for creating multimedia books which we are talking about. But the solutions available that allows to create such books are limited and often partially coded.

The awesomeness of EPUB lies in its readability across multiple platforms such as Web, Android, iOS and Windows with free readers available on all the platforms.

So, we chose to create an online application ‘theFolleto’ hosted on cloud to create fixed layout EPUB books. One can create books with ease and embed audio and video into the pages.
The distribution can be done,
1) On any ebook store that provides a reader to read fixed layout ebooks like ibook store, Kobo, Helicon books etc.
2) By creating your own cloud store for distribution
3) Through pen drives or any other file sharing solutions

theFolleto is launched on 19th April in Beta version. Any registered user can create 3 free ebooks. We also offer to create your EPUB if the content you want to publish is given to us.

Authors who wish to self-publish, theFolleto is the right choice as it is as easy as working on a word document

The Beta version of the tool has the following features to create an amazing EPUB
1) Insert image, audio and video
2) Text formatting
3) Text box borders
4) Text highlighting
5) Page reordering by just dragging and dropping the page to the position you wish
6) No limitations on number of edits to the book except for the cover page

Here is a video tutorial on how to work with theFolleto

Our Road-map includes majorly the following with a lot more exciting line items,
1) Page background formatting options
2) Offer a simple canvas for creation of reflowable books with text and image
3) Book Preview
4) Auto validating the ebook while downloading
5) Insert math formulae
There are sample books made using thefolleto available here,

Follow the below mentioned steps to read on different medium.
For Web reading,

1) Download the book
2) Open Chrome web browser
3) Paste the below link in the address bar
4) On the right hand top, you will see a button, ‘add to Chrome’
5) Click on it
6) A dialog box appears asking “Add Readium?” Click on add
7) Then it downloads the app and you will be able to see it on
8) Click on readium, it will ask you to add items to your library
9) Click on the ‘+’ symbol on right corner
10) It gives you 2 options, click on ‘Choose File’ button of ‘From local file’ option
11) Here choose the book that you had downloaded from this mail and you see that it is added to your readium book library
12) Click and on it and there your go!

For iPad reading,

1) Download the file on your iPad
2) Tap on the book attachment and it downloads the book
3) After that, it gives you various options to read the book. Choose Copy to ibooks
4) It opens the ibooks library with the book added to it. And on tapping the book, it opens up to read

For Android reading,

1) Install Publiwide/Booknaru/Gitden app from Google Play store
2) Download the file on your Android tab
3) Tap on the attachment
4) It gives you various options to open the book
5) Choose the app among Publiwide/Booknaru/Gitden and it will ask you to Open the book or Copy. Choose anything
6) You will now be able to read the book on Android

Visit and register to start narrating your story

theFolleto Admin

theFolleto is a web application to create fixed layout EPUB books.

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