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We might have heard ‘Do not judge a book by its cover’ infinite number of times. But we tend to do that. Book cover plays an important role to create curiosity in the reader. So authors pay good price to the designers to come up with a cover design that generates this curiosity.

In this era of digital publishing, we have increasing number of authors considering self-publishing. They might have their own creative ideas to design a cover page for their books. But the professional tools require good technical knowledge to create one.

When we had to make some sample EPUB 3 books to showcase the capabilities of our online fixed layout ebook creator, theFolleto, we seriously wanted to consider self-designing our cover pages because of budgetary constraints. That led us to use Microsoft Power Point to create our cover page images.

The size of a cover page varies as per the store we are planning to distribute. For now, I am considering the ideal size of 600 pixels wide and 800 pixels height.

Follow these simple steps to create your book cover page:

  1. Create a PowerPoint with custom slide size. For this,
    • Create a new Power Point file
    • Click on the design menu item
    • On the right corner of the sub menu, you will find ‘Slide Size’ menu item
    • Select Custom Slide Size under that
    • custom size
    • Set orientation property of the slide as ‘Portrait’
    • Update width as 600 px Which gets converted to 6.25 inches and height as 800 px which gets converted to 8.333 inches
    • Click ‘Ok’
    • set size
    • Then you will be presented with an dialog to choose ‘Maximize’ or ‘Ensure to Fit’. Choose any one as it doesn’t make much difference for an empty slide
    • You will now be presented a blank slide in the dimensions requested
  2. Start designing your slide and Power point gives wide options to design one with rich set of background templates, colors, font options, shapes etc.
  3. After, you are done with the design, save the PowerPoint slide
  4. But you would require an image file for cover page. For that, again go to file menu and now choose ‘Save As’ option
  5. Give the file name you desire and under the option ‘Save As file type’, select JEPG or PNG

save as


Most of the ebook distribution sites allow a cover page of size not more than 2MB. Please make sure to keep it light.

You can edit your PowerPoint file until you are satisfied with your design and finally save it as an image file.

Attached are some samples created the same way

A journey to the mysterious land Seven Wonders Tabloid Sample Vinnie and his Billie Cover Page Solar System

Try creating one today!

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